Rejuvenation of old wells a boon for water supply in Belgaum

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Sheri Galli corner well being dug
Sheri Galli corner well being dug

With the advent of summer each one thinks of the heat and the availability of potable water. This year with less rainfall and drought situation in the nearby districts the current water level in Rakaskop and Hidkal would be sufficient upto May end.

Belgaum city was dependent on well water before commencement of Rakaskop scheme. Most of these wells were constructed before and during the British Raj almost 100 to 200 years back.

Dr. M. Vishveshwarayya who designed the Rakaskop Scheme had mentioned in the Preamble to his report that “Belgaum water supply can be maintained by a chain of wells.”

Many wells in the recent past have been rejuvenated which has helped in the restoration of water supply in many areas.
It has now been deicded that the Sheri Galli corner well, 12 Puleyed well at Hutatma Chowk (Bara Ghadghadyachi Vihir) and a well in School no.2 in Ganpat Galli would be re dug.

The work on the well of Sheri Galli corner has already commenced and work on the other two is expected to start in some time.

A mini filter has been set up on many wells along with alum dozer, chlorinator, pumps, connection to existing network for supply of water.

The well at Veerbhadra Nagar was constructed by the British in 1908 and has a water column of 100 feet. The source of water for this well is a stream coming from nearly 5 kms away between two trap rock layers and opening at this point.

Three wells were constructed at this place and are connected by a tunnel which is six feet in height.

The well at Shetty Galli was constructed by the British in 1885. The well is perfectly rectangular in shape and the dimension of the well is exactly the same both at the top and the bottom (in mm).

The well at Math Galli was constructed by the British in 1883. The Fire Station was located near this well. The well at Kirloskar Road is a high yielding open well centrally located in the city. The

Borough Municipality was supplying water from this well by constructing a small overhead tank.

The ‘Congress Well’, then known as ‘Pampa Sarovar’, was constructed in 1924 during the Congress Party’s historic convention which was presided over by Mahatma Gandhi.

Cost of construction of the well at that time was Rs. 4370 and 3 annas. This well supplied water to lakhs of people who had assembled for the Convention.

High yielding wells

1. Open well at Veerbhadranagar.

2. Open well at Goods shed Road Shastrinagar.

3. Open well at Congress Road.

4. Open well at Shetty galli.

5. Open well at Kirloskar Road.

6. Open well at Shivaji Garden, Shahapur.

7. Open well at Math galli.

8. Open well at Nazar camp, Vadgaon.

09. Open well at Rayat galli, Vadgaon.

10. Open well at Polytechnic premises Kakatives.

11. Open well at Darga premises Kamat galli.

12. Open well at Khanjar galli.

13. Open well at Kasai galli.

14. Open well at Joshi Mala.

15. Open well at Teggin galli, Vadgaon.

16. Open well at Konwal Galli.

17. Open well at Samartha Nagar.

18. Open well at PWD Quarters.

19. Open well at Alwan Galli.

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  1. Yes, Belgaum is situated at a lovely location and can rely on ground water. But today the govt. has already destroyed the recharge counters. The total water bearing capacity of the soil is partially destroyed. Now without the recharge counters if they start exploiting the remaining water will they not destroy it completely. I believe we are over drawing from nature and not giving back anything. So many trees are cut, water Reservoir are filled with soil to build houses. Drainage lines are laid in places like shanti nagar from where the sewage cannot be removed and is left to contaminate the existing water. Rain water harvesting projects without maintained filters further contaminate the water. etc….. Are these not enough measures to destroy the beauty of Belgaum. Better sustainable / sensible measures need to be taken. Digging wells is only exploiting nature further.

    • its High time to stop aquisition of land in and around Belgaum By Government authorities.
      We lost all cultivated land, trees etc., consequently affected rainfall as well as increased demand of water due to uncontrolled growth of City has spoiled the natures Balance.
      All these politicians are minting money & grabbing the poor people’s land to make Belgaumites more & more poor, so that they can be like slaves to Politicians.
      None of single politician has thought about poor personnels requirement (Roti, Kapada aur Makan and nor water, they are busy in self development. this was not the case before 1999.

  2. We can also ask citizens to re dig wells at their individual houses.Many of these wells were closed as drainage water started sinking in these wells.New construction houses should have rain water storing system


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