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Relief for Bungalow owners in camp

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In a meeting held at the Cantonment board it was decided that the m,measurement of the Bungalows for resumption will not be undertaken. This brings great relief to the bungalow owners in Camp. 14 bungalows from B.C. 45 to B.C. 75 has been put in for “Resumption”by the Cantonment and measurement was to be taken for the same.

But there was tremendous opposition to this from the owners.

With regards to the Toll collection the Cantonment said that it would be reviewed after a month and the elected representatives said that they will try and get more funds for the Cantonment.  

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  1. I am the owner of B. No: 52 Mall Rd. Mhow M.P.since Aug. 1947.It is a freehold + a FEE SIMPLE Anscestral Property.It was surrounded by a Fully Armed Platoon of Jawans in the last week April 2011. It has an area of 3.77acres with 3 permanent buildings, & the land also belongs to me!. The Army hasn’t paid me a penny to date apart from causing a great financial loss, removal of livelihood & no other accomadation has been offered for my family & myself. The D.E.O. is not even willing to negotiate a fair market price & my letters are never replied to. Being a senior Citizen (84 Yrs) I find that the army will take away the property without any payment although the Old Grant and the land acquisition act have provision for this. My furniture fittings etc. are not accounted for & remain inside the property. Can I file a F.I.R against the Cantonment & Defence authorities as they have taken away my means of livelihood which is urgently required for Senior Citizens & their old age problems. Please advise.


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