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Citilight cinema Mumbai returns in sleeker thanks to Belgaum businessman

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Citilight, the iconic single-screen theatre in Mahim, Mumbai which shut down in 2005 reopened this Friday and thanks to Prasad Thakur of the Tarun Bharat Group.

The old 750-seater theater has made way for a single screen 250-seater theater. The new avatar of the cinema hall will have enhanced Dolby surround sound system, UFO satellite transmission, plush seating, ample parking space and all the other frills that multiplexes offer such as a food court. There’s also a hallway where people can conduct functions, parties and other events.citylight

The cinema hall, which opened in 1942, used to screen classics such as Baiju Bawra and Anarkali. In the later years, filmmakers including the Barjatyas considered the theater lucky for premiering their films.
Their blockbuster Hum Aapke Hain Kaun ran at the theater for 33 weeks here.

Prasad Kiran Thakur has bought the theater and completely revamped it.

Citylight on Friday rolled out the red carpet to cinegoers again, after seven years, with the screening of the Anil Kapoor-Ajay Devgn starrer Tezz.

0 thoughts on “Citilight cinema Mumbai returns in sleeker thanks to Belgaum businessman”

  1. Mr. Prasad Thakur should take intrest in Buying and Renovation of ARUN AND BALAKRISHNA which are at Prime locations in Belgaum

  2. CityLight in Mahim was once upon a time a landmark, good movies where played many many years ago. But since about lets say about 15 years down the line it did exibit B grade films & then lay shut for several years.
    In Mumbai & Suburbs people usually prefer multiplexes, Theateres like Citylight was patronized by the less economically backward people – the labourers, you could definitely find the stench & odur prevaling the theatre.
    But all said & done what benefit will Belgaum & its citizens derive out of this business transaction, its the sole motives of the businessmen. There is nothing to be happy or proud about this news but just to be kept informed.

  3. Anybody heard of ‘RITZ-Shri Krishna’ Theatre It was brought by Lokmanya Trust and renovated few years back. It is now been used to exhibit drama/ Stage play. In fact couple of plays amateur/commercial plays (Drama) were been organized with Belgaum artists. It is also helping local belgaum artists in nourishing their acting organizing training camps for youth, school children.

    Good going Tarun Bharat Group & Lokmanya Trust, also best wishes for your new venture.

  4. going by the comments/ reply’s (negative) below, its seems people are not happy if any individual or organization moves out of Belgaum for business or professions. According to the them;
    *any aspiring entrepreneur planning to start any business or expand, should do it only in belgaum.
    *any professional, software engineer, artists should not moved out of belgaum to build his/her career, instead settle in Belgaum.

    am i right people (particularly Mr. Raj, Rajiv, Aiiman)

    By the way who owns Tarun bharat Daily, Lokmanya Society, Dnyan Prabodhan School, Ritz-Shri krishna movie hall, Baburoa Thakur PU College, Lokmanaya Trust where are they located, who are employed there and who are benefited from these institution & Organisation???

    Come on people grow-up think rational (not anti-Thakurs)


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