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Relief for property tax payers: pay it next year

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Speaking to the media District in-charge minister Ramesh Jarkhiholi assured the Ex-Corporators association that the Belagavi city corporation will not levy its cess and the payment of property tax if it cannot be done this year one can do it next year without any penalty.

But the minister refused to deduct the 25% hike in the property tax done this year, its only a solace for the taxpayers that they can pay it next year.

The official order for the same is yet to be published.

15% property tax hike is done but this time the figure was 30% that has not been reduced but only the SWM cess would be withdrawn as per the minister’s words.

ramesh jarkhihjoli

Former mayor Shivaji Sunthakar, former corporator Deepak Waghela and Sanjeev Prabhu were present on behalf of the Ex- corporators association.

The Ex- corporators association has been behind the reduction of the hiked property tax since May this year, and now there is some solace.

3 thoughts on “Relief for property tax payers: pay it next year”

  1. Extract money from middle class who save through property tax, reduced savings rate and distribute to the poor for free for votes. Maids are now used to getting free food grains, money, and free salary while not working so much so that they have become arrogant, do not want to do work , just want free salary due to helplessness of aged people doing work and the fact that they don’t really need to work because Government gives them everything for free. Frequently they miss work to go to several places for free ration or money distribution. Way to go leaders! Exploit the hard working and encourage entitlement for the lazy.

  2. The hike in Property Tax is due for revision for 2020-21 ie after 3 years the last revision being done in 2017. As per MRC of DMA the revision could be made by Corporations from 15 to 30 % . For Residential Properties the revised % done this year by CCB is 15 (min) as earlier WHEREAS the Commercial properties have been revised by
    25 % as against 15 % done earlier. It could be reduced (restored) to 15 %.
    The service charges on SWM to be reviewed (not justifiable) because the house to house service charges collected by Contractor was Abolished from April 2012 and SWM cess was levied separately for Residential and Commercial properties.


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