Relief work pouring in for flood victims


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After the flood fury it’s now time for rehabilitation and the government and various other organizations have come forward to help the flood victims by giving in their bit.

The Belgaum Small Scale Industries Association (BSSIA) has come forward to join hands with the government in providing relief to the victims of monsoon fury that left a trail of devastation in the district last week. The BSSIA decided to construct 128 houses for the victims whose houses collapsed completely.


At a meeting of Bishops of northern Karnataka region held in the city on Thursday, it was decided to construct 1,000 houses.

The Congress and BJP had taken out fund collections drives throughout the city, where each one paid in their contribution.

BJP collection drive
BJP collection drive
Youth Congress collection drive
Youth Congress collection drive

The Ramakrishna Mission has taken up relief work on its own from day one of the calamity. It has done remarkable relief work in various places and distributed food, clothes and other items.floodrehab-1floodrehab-2

The DC office has been kept very busy as the help from various sources is pouring in at the DC office from various places.flood-1

Sonia Gandhi was shown the photographs of the havoc caused at the Sambra airport as she was here enroute to Kolhapur for campaigning. Local Congress leaders demanded that the state get more funds from the centre.

Sonia Gandhi at Sambra Airport on 10-10-09
Sonia Gandhi at Sambra Airport on 10-10-09

In all; all looks fine from here but we just hope the needy get all the help that they need at this hour of grief and the huge amounts of money collected reaches the needy and is utilized in the correct manner.

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