Fine board know how to pay when you break traffic laws


The Inner wheel club installed this sign board for the information of citizens at the Chennamma Circle recently.board

There are few offenses mentioned and the fine to be paid.fineboard

Some of the fines are amazing. Like this one: Driving a vehicle without insurance attracts Rs.500 as fine.

So the next time a cop get holds of you when you do some traffic offense, you have a ready reckoner . So you know how much to bargain.


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  1. In my personal opinion this heavy leavy of fine for violating Traffice rules will have two effects:
    1) Favourable –> Responsible Citizens will obey Traffic Rules.
    2) Unfavourable –> Cops at functional level may waive the fine from violaters by accepting chai paani
    (bribe) settled as low as 10 % of the fine leviable by authorities.

    It Depends on how one perceives these rules.


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