Remember to report a cyber crime in one hour

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DCP has asked the citizens to follow the “GOLDEN HOUR RULE” in reporting Cyber Frauds to CEN PS & concerned Banks “WITHIN AN HOUR” of happening.

This will help us to freeze victims account and refund the money lost, he added.

During 20-21 CEN PS has freezed & refunded around Rs30 lakhs out of Rs65 lakh cyber fraud cases reported.

In 2020, around 38 cases were reported while in 2021 it is 9.

1930 Helpline Cyber Crime

Belagavi CEN police station, – 0831-2950320 or 9480804084.

The financial fraud victims can launch a complaint by visiting the CEN police station and the case will be registered by cops as a Cybercrime Incident Report (CIR) and transferred to cyber crime officials in the CIR control room. The cops will then work with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to freeze the beneficiary’s account within the golden period of two hours.

Always remember that your AADHAR, PAN Card and Bank Account Information (Account Number, Debit/Credit Card Number) are private information, DO NOT SHARE the same with anyone

OTP mechanism is used as a second password in all cases, Hence do not share the same, only you are supposed to enter your OTP, never provide the same over the phone


In Belagavi the following have been reported-
OLX related, OTP related, Facebook fake profiles, QR code, Gift scams, Tour fake scams, Fake website, Herbal medicines, ticket booking scam, fake customer care online scam and so on.

5 thoughts on “Remember to report a cyber crime in one hour”

  1. How is it possible to complaint about the cyber fraud within one hour
    If your mobile is cloned and eventually money is siphoned and you don’t get sms
    Due to lockdown no Bank passbook were updated if amounts is withdrawn or shiponed below 50 thousand bank says no fir
    Required max people don’t know net banking or can read Bank account state ments I am handling 2cases but both are different
    If go to complaint about sim card which gets
    Cloned the telecom companies don’t care about it as time runs victim people gets frustrated and eventually think of not complaint ing but we should lodge a complaint my earnest request to you is to put a vedio with cyber security experts and help the society at large


  2. In my opinion, evry transaction unique number is there, and also from account and to account details will be there, and police department has I hope full authority either contact to RBI or concern bank, to seeze and get return of victims money.
    However I am also a victim of Mobile tower froud , I lost around 67k. Can department help me to get my hard earned money. .

  3. Mera Paytm account block kar diya h aap logo ne without my permission esse mujhe kitni problem or kitna loss ho rha eska andaja h aapko esliye thori kripa kijiye or Mera Paytm account unblock kariye

  4. my paytm account blocked by you some reported fraud & don’t give me information who reported & why please help me to unblock my account
    7696025037 paytm nmbr
    ticket I’d 3361958352

    please check mail I’d i give you all information you mail I’d

    [email protected]


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