Remove Unauthorized Hoardings before Winter session

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Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil emphasized the importance of completing all necessary preparations in a timely manner to ensure a smooth and convenient winter session of the Legislature in Belagavi. He stressed the need for proper accommodation, food, and transportation for ministers, dignitaries, and high-level officials who will be staying in the city during the session. Additionally, he highlighted the upcoming protests near Suvarna Vidhana Soudha and the importance of providing essential facilities such as drinking water and infrastructure at the protest sites.

To ensure a successful session, it is crucial to ensure adequate internet and electricity connections, as well as provisions such as shamianas, barricades, and parking. The concerned committee officials were instructed to thoroughly inspect each aspect beforehand.

In another matter, Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil issued a notice to remove unauthorized billboards that have been erected in various locations throughout Belagavi city, including electric poles, trees, walls, and major roundabouts. He emphasized the potential dangers posed by these billboards, such as damaging electric wires and causing disasters. The District Collector instructed the Municipal Corporation Commissioner to penalize companies or organizations responsible for these unauthorized advertisements, which often promote coaching centers, private shops, and commercial transactions.

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In terms of security, Commissioner of Police S.N. Siddaramappa announced that thousands of police officers and personnel would be deployed for the session. He assured that they would be provided with suitable accommodation and food to ensure their effectiveness in maintaining security.

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