Repairs of Laser fountain even before they are inaugurated at Shivaji Garden


The BUDA has floated a new tender for the Repairs to Laser Fountain System and providing and supplying DMX Light and incorporating the DMX Light System to the programming etc. at Shivaji Garden Belagavi at a cost of Rs.14,64,638.
The Belgaum Urban Development Authority has spent more than Rs. 1.67 crores on building of the Shiv Shrusti and entire cost for the Laser fountain is Rs. 1,44,64,884 other than the Rs.1.67 crores since 2012.

Now according to the tender the laser fountain has to be repaired and also new lights will be fixed.

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The work on Shiv Shrusthi – to depict the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at the Shivaji Garden in Shahpur was started in November 2012 by the BUDA. The work which was estimated to be completed in 5 months is still not complete.
AAB had made a story Belgaum still awaiting the completion of Shiv Shrusti at Shivaji Garden in October 2013. We had mentioned this “The Musical laser fountain has been installed but covered.”
So as the laser fountain system was installed but not used and even inaugurated it now needs repairs and reinstallation.

Details of the project of which all the work is done but was incomplete.

Various idols of Shiv Shrusti Rs.1,67,44,436

Cost for the Laser fountain is Rs. 1,44,64,884

A 2W DPSS white light beam projector of European Union origin having gun of German make and scanner of UK make and integrating with synchronised dancing water effects seamlessly to produce a continuous show/spectacle. It should be the cutting edge UK/European technology having the following features: Very low power consumption so they can be run off a single phase supply, no water cooling required, brilliant range of colours (theoretically 16.8 million colours), compact, robust, easy to install, multicolor and computer controlled” is what is expected to be fitted.

The entire cost for this comes to Rs. 1,44,64,884 other than the first Rs.1.67 crores.

Details and break up:

Construction of Mahadwar for Shiv Charitra – Rs. 2474744.29

External Electrification works for Shiva Charithra Concept – Rs. 1721554.69

Providing Lighting System with accessories to laser fountain for Shiva Charithra Concept – Rs. 2028385

Providing scanner and accessories to laser fountain for Shiva Charithra Concept – Rs. 1878000

Providing Beam Projector to laser fountain for Shiva Charithra Concept – Rs. 1995000.00

Providing Master show control software to laser fountain for Shiva Charithra Concept a – 2019473.00

Providing Sound System with accessories for Shiva Charithra Concept – 2204879.00

Providing pump set, Valves & Nozzles to laser fountain for Shiva Charithra Concept – 2137848.00



  1. started in 2012, then BJP made the most out of it to benefit them financially & politically. The present congress government officials are now looking at an opportunity to skim something. At the end of the day, Aam Janata Ko Kya Mila? Politicians at their best playing with feelings of Marathi people.


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