Rescued baby thrown out of Train undergoing treatment at hospital

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In what can be termed as a very grave inhuman act, a girl child was thrown out of the running train near Londa last Sunday.

Fortunately, some farmers, who heard the cries of the injured child, saved it. 

A one-year-old baby is believed to have been thrown out of a running train in the deep jungles between Londa and Akrali in Khanapur on Sunday.

Jako rakhe sayian maar sake na koi! It is a miracle that the baby survived as the area receives very heavy rainfall and the dense forest is home to many animals. 

baby-train-thrownThe railway police admitted the child to the district hospital and currently the child is undergoing treatment in the Belagavi district hospital.

The district administration has urged the parents or if anyone knows about their parents to contact the following numbers: 0831-2474111, 9448347758, 7406272246

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  1. How inhuman, insane. Kids are the purest creation of GOD. How is it such an ease for someone to do such an act?We can’t even think of anything such. And for the devils its ease.Please, if u can’t do good don’t do bad atleast for the sake of GOD. Do u not fear GOD?


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