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Auto Meter down from Aug 15

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In the meeting of the Regional Transport Authority (RTA), it was decided that the Auto rikshaws will have to charge as per the meter and the fare decided by the RTA from August 15 2019. 

A meeting will be called of the Auto rikshaw owners, drivers and the same would be informed to them to soon, said DC Dr. S B Bommanhalli.

Commissioner of police, RTO, Weights, and measures along with other departments will finalize the fare in the coming week, the DC added.

Pre paid auto service at the Railway Station and CBT would also be recommenced on August 15 it was told.

The city has around 6000 autos and around 4000 autos have meters said the RTO officer Mr. Magdum.

auto ka meter down karo
Illustration: Bharat Jagtap

No parking for tempos near CBT in a vicinity of 500 mtrs said Commissioner of Police Lokesh Kumar.

Auto will have permit number mentioned. The information about the Auto, permit and Driver information will also have to be put inside the Auto.

On earlier occasions as well such steps were initiated but each time the system has failed in a month.

The prepaid auto centers never work and if they work they have a nexus with the auto drivers which we have brought to the fore earlier as well.

For years now, the citizens of Belagavi have been harassed by the auto drivers by charging more, like for 3 kms Rs.180 were charged recently.
The arrogance of the Auto drivers is always at its peak, they have the right to turn anywhere, stop anywhere and speak any how with the citizens.
Hope this time around the administration will implement this.

5 thoughts on “Auto Meter down from Aug 15”

  1. It’s not right to portray ALL auto drivers as rotten apples @editor. Tut tut. But the majority are dacoits yes.
    Now to the article. If being indians have taught us anything it’s this . . .
    Decided does not equal to ENFORCED.
    One way = make a way
    Helmets on = screw that
    No texting while driving = texting AND talking while driving
    Respecting pedestrians = 3 honks max then you risk getting run over
    Cops assigned to key traffic points to maintain order/safety = head down. Facebook/whatisapp/etc on (again most, not all)

    God help us all

  2. Every year it is stating that Autos will have meters in the city but it never happens because political interference.To quote from CBT to Guruprasad colony they are demanding 250/ exact distance via Shani temple is 7 kms

  3. A very good decision by authorities.When people land at Belgaum rly.stn. from Mumbai or Bangalore,first they have to quarrel with auto drivers at stn.
    They charge almost Mumbai train fare for going up to old Belgaum.It speaks about the strong roots of corruption in Karnataka.
    Please change it now,Let’s say ‘No metre No auto on road.’

  4. Today morning dated 26-7-19. I got down from d bus & asked the charge from CBT to goaves they said 220 rs it is hardly 4kms. But I have observed in Tamil Nadu State in all the districts where government city bus are operated 24 hours a day 24*7 365, So why can’t we take this initiative and become the 1st City in Karnataka as it is profitable for the KSRTC also. Please think over it Belgaumites

  5. Hello Guys
    As DC ordered meter is compulsory from 15th Aug for Auot rickshaw it seems auto driveres are not obeying it . I boarded many autos and ask them to put up meter they said no and shouted on me k if you wanna sit just pay the fare we demand or else take other auto. One of them demand Rs 60 from Veerbhadra nagar to Bus stop.
    May Almighty save us all Belgaumites from this .


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