Residents oppose construction of Gutters instead want Pavers laid in Bhangi Bol

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Developmental works in the areas are envisaged by the engineers of the city corporation and sometimes work orders are issued even when they are not needed.

The alert citizens of more particularly Ranade road, Agarkar Road, Roy Road, Nehru Road approached the MLA and also the city corporation and asked them that the gutters were absolutely fine and only need cleaning silt. When Shri Abhay Patil MLA came to do the puja, all the residents told him not to carry on this work as it was not required. We asked him to utilize the same funds for laying pavers in banging bol.

The residents of Tilakwadi ( west) more particularly Ranade road, Agarkar Road, Roy Road, Nehru Road, and Hon’ble MLA Shri Abhay Patil on 19th January 2021 at Tilakwadi. During the meeting, the residents expressed their concerns/opposition over the construction of R C C gutters in the lane of Agarkar Road and Roy Road Tilakwadi.

The residents informed him that the gutters of these two lanes were neither damaged nor dilapidated and were still strong, built with stones and much better than concrete gutters. Hence we expressed our opposition to the construction of gutters as our lanes didn’t need gutters.


Thereafter Shri Abhay Patil summoned the Assistant Engineer Mr. Ankit along with one Mrs Manjushree and asked them to meet the residents of these lanes before starting the work. He directed them to take the opinions/inputs of the residents and take them into confidence before starting the work.

However today the contractor along with some workmen and a JCB came to Agarkar Road to demolish the existing gutters. Some of the residents met them and briefed them about the meeting with Shri Abhay Patil. After talking over the phone with their supervisors they left the place and asked us to resolve the issues by meeting the authorities.

Hence we are bringing to your notice the aforesaid facts and would like to seek your intervention in the matter. From the board/poster fixed at the end of our road, it appears that an amount of around 19 lakhs is sanctioned for construction of these gutters.

We would like to inform you that the Bhangi bol at the backside of our road is not concretised nor pavers are laid in the bhangi bol in comparison to other Bhangi Bols, where this work is already carried out.

So they have requested that the amount sanctioned for the construction of gutters be utilised for laying pavers in the Bhangi bol behind Agarkar road.

The laying of pavers can be done in the same amount which is sanctioned for gutters. We request you to consider this on priority and pass suitable orders to divert the funds for this work.

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