Residents say there is no need of Railway over bridge at Kapileshwar road

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The residents, traders and others from Kapileshwar Road, Tangdi Galli, Bhandur galli, SPM road today gave a memorandum to ADC Praveen Kumar and spoke at length with him about the difficulties of construing a Railway Over bridge (ROB) at Kapileshwar gate.

They say, the Kapileshwar road was marked as 45 feet and widening to that extent was also done on one part of the railway gate. Everyone have constructed their buildings after the said road widening and now the new CDP plan makes the road a 80 feet road. And the residents will have to again demolish their buildings which is not fair.rob-protest

The residents also said that the main cause of traffic jam at the gate is the way of flow of traffic and if the same is regulated correctly the entire traffic can be cleared even after the gate opens in 3 mins. Its only that each one must adhere to the traffic rules and only 2 wheelers and autos should be permitted and officially the road from Kapileshwar temple towards Bhandur Galli is a one way, but no one adheres to it.

The ADC said that he would call a meeting with the railway dept, BUDA and Corporation in the coming days where the residents will also make their stand clear.

2 thoughts on “Residents say there is no need of Railway over bridge at Kapileshwar road”

  1. I am with the residents, no better person can understand their feelings as they are losing their property, But if all the owners agree to part with thier properties Govt can construct the bridge..But looking at the current land bill for development residents might lose the battle coz consent clause is removed…I have seen people riding on that road not one follows the rule and there is no Traffic police near kapleshwar water pool to make people adhere to one way..Urge govt to consider other options as there are many residents out there who will not be able to buy another house or start business anywhere else with soaring rates in belgaum.

  2. Railway over bridge should be made. As the city growing so fast no one should stopped. Compare to other cities Belgaum lacks


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