Review of Development Projects in the Urban Local Bodies of Belagavi Division

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In accordance with government directives, the establishment of Indira canteens must be completed within the specified timeframe in all districts at the division level. Urban Development Minister B. S. Suresh emphasized the importance of providing adequate services to the public, including drinking water supply, borewell repairs, and pipeline installations.

These remarks were made during a progress review meeting held at the Central Hall of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, where Minister Suresh presided over discussions on various development projects for urban local bodies in the Belagavi Division.

Minister Suresh urged all officers to work diligently in delivering government-sponsored schemes to the public. He emphasized the need for coordination among authorities to ensure the smooth implementation of development initiatives. Furthermore, he called upon district-level officials to support the successful execution of government schemes.

Drinking Water Supply:

Ensuring a reliable drinking water supply in cities is of utmost importance. It is crucial to strategically place borewells in necessary locations. In the event of insufficient funds, an immediate proposal should be submitted to the government for consideration.

Fortunately, there is currently no water scarcity in 38 local bodies of Belagavi. The rivers continue to provide water until March, ensuring availability. In cases where water shortage occurs in crucial areas, tankers will be deployed to supply water. The Belagavi Municipal Corporation manages a total of 786 borewells, guaranteeing an ample drinking water supply for the city.

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However, the installation of a new pipeline from Hidkal Reservoir to Belagavi, aimed at further enhancing the city’s drinking water supply, has faced an obstacle. The Forest Department has halted the project without issuing the necessary NOC (No Objection Certificate). Following discussions with Ishwar Khandre, the Minister of the Forest Department, it has been emphasized that the NOC must be promptly issued to proceed with the installation of the new pipeline alongside the existing one.

A suitable location has already been identified for the opening of a new Indira canteen in Bagalkote, Jamkhandi, Mudhola taluk in the Belagavi division. The canteen should be operational within the specified period by inviting tenders.

The government has introduced this scheme to benefit the underprivileged and the general public. Therefore, it is imperative that canteens be promptly established in the designated areas as directed by the Chief Minister. Minister Suresh issued a stern warning, emphasizing that officials must not neglect their responsibilities under any circumstances.

Identifying Locations for Indira Canteen Openings:

In the Belagavi district, there are a total of nine Indira canteens. Mallikarjuna Kaladagi, the project director from the Urban Development Cell, has provided an explanation that 28 new Indira canteens have been recently established.

Minister BS Suresh has responded to this development. He has highlighted that there is already one canteen in Gokak Taluk. According to government guidelines, an Indira canteen should be established in areas with a population of at least 25,000. Suresh has emphasized that immediate action should be taken to identify places within Gokak’s jurisdiction, where the population reaches 79,000, and canteens should be promptly established.

Furthermore, Indira canteens should be initiated in town panchayats that have been upgraded based on population. Suresh has stressed the importance of officers’ willingness to ensure the successful opening of these canteens, urging them not to cause any delays.

In the case of negligence, a notice has been issued. Currently, there are eight existing canteens in the Dharwad area, and the identification of locations for an additional 20 canteens is underway. Tenders will be invited for these new locations. Similarly, in Haveri, there are already three Indira canteens, and seven new locations have been identified. Tenders will be called soon, and the opening dates will be announced accordingly, as explained by officials.

Minister B. S. Suresh has suggested that immediate notices should be issued against officials who have failed to take action in accordance with the government’s new directive for the opening of Indira canteens.

In order to expedite the allocation of houses under the Griha Bhagya scheme to permanent civil servants in Belagavi district, the construction works must be completed expeditiously. Additionally, immediate action should be taken to grant permanent status to eligible civil workers in the Municipal Corporation, City Council, Municipality, and Urban Local Bodies across all districts. Any disputes that arise should be resolved without delay.

Proceed to Pay Tax:

In conjunction with the ongoing development and implementation of various projects, it is crucial to address all administrative tasks promptly. This includes the collection of city local property tax, water tax, shop rent, business licenses, and other related matters. BS Suresha, from the Urban Development Department, strongly recommends that the authorities act swiftly to ensure the smooth execution of these tasks.

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