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Whose paws are it Anyways – near Sant Meera School

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By uday

In recent days, there has been a buzz surrounding a series of paw impressions discovered near Sant Meera School Angol in Belagavi. These impressions have caught the attention of the public due to their mysterious nature.

The location in question is a newly developed cricket ground, currently being prepared for an upcoming tournament. During the preparation process, the curators stumbled upon these intriguing paw impressions, leading them to believe that an animal may be lurking in the vicinity.

Interestingly, the curators also noticed a significant decrease in the number of dogs in the area. This observation further fueled speculation about the presence of an unknown creature.

paw sant meera

Forest officials were alerted to the situation and conducted an investigation. However, they concluded that the paw impressions did not belong to a leopard, as initially suspected. Instead, they suggested that the impressions could be attributed to another animal, such as a fox, hyena, or Indian jackal.

Although no one has actually witnessed the animal responsible for these paw impressions, the evidence is undeniable. The impressions are clearly distinct from those left by the local dogs. This has led residents to speculate that there may be a predator in the area, preying on the missing dogs. The forest department is fully aware of the situation and has initiated combing operations in an effort to identify and locate the mysterious animal.

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