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Road gutters worth 4 crores to be built

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The Belgaum city corporation has floated tenders for various works under various wards mainly for roads, Cement concrete gutters and slabs on it and paver fitting in some areas.

The total expenditure is estimated to be Rs.40,679,809.
The tenders would be opened on 28-09-2013 and a time frame of 3 months will be given from the date of issue of work order for the completion.

The details of the various areas and works are as under:

Package No.1: Construction of RCC Drain at New Gandhi Nagar, Belgaum. (6th Cross & Norani Galli)1898335.98
Package No.02 a) Construction of RCC gutter at Zere Galli from Somanache house to Pawar House in Ward No.6 b) Construction of RCC gutter at Rajhuns Galli infront of Urdu School Ward No.5 c) Construction of RCC gutter and CD slab Raghunath Peth Rajhuns Galli and Shivashakti Nagar Ward No.5, in Belgaum.2589121.03
Package No.03: Construction of RCC Nalla Slab at Nath Pai Circle to Basveshwar Circle Khasbag, Belgaum.2507915.97
Package No.5: a) Providing RCC gutter CD road at Mohamdali road in Ward No.17 b) Providing RCC gutter at Ramaswamy road and CD slab at S.V.Colony in Ward No.18, Belgaum.1769387.97
Package No.06 a) Providing RCC gutter at Kalegar Galli in Ward No.30 b) Construction of RCC CD at Basawan Galli Gade Marga junction at Shahapur in Ward No.21 c) Providing RCC gutter at Math Galli Hosur in Ward No.24, Belgaum.1500373.65
Package No.2:Providing RCC gutter at Sai Mandir Road from Shukrawar Peth to Sai Mandir Temple, Belgaum.2426725.08
Package No.03 a) Providing RCC gutter at Kangale Galli in Ward No.29, Belgaum. b) Providing RCC gutter at Mata Galli in Ward No.30, Belgaum.1574349.43
Package No.6:Construction of CC gutter at Teggin Galli from Bazar galli to Dhamane Road Both side in Ward No.12, Belgaum.1267138.12
Providing Pavers and RCC Gutter at Agarkar Road and Ranade Road BP in Ward No.16, Belgaum.1490458.4
Package No.05: Construction of RCC Storm Water Drain from Dharamanath Circle to ESI Hospital road, Belgaum. (Right Side)4970580.48
Package No.7: Construction of RCC drain by the side of CTS No.9674 & CTS No.9675 at Veerbhadra Nagar, Belgaum.3999763.56
Re-carpeting to Congress Road from 2nd Gate to 3rd Gate, Belgaum.3247234.29
Package No.03 a) Improvements to road from Kanabargi Gokak Road to Eklavya Nagar Road in Ward No.57, Belgaum. b) Improvements to Road and construction of drain at Sector No.5 from Plot No.121 to 125 and CTS No.8629 upto Nalla, Belgaum.2927431.21
Package No.05 a) Providing and laying of 230mm dia UGD pipeline at Ramnagar in Ward No.45 b) Providing and laying of 230mm dia UGD pipeline at Ashok Nagar in Ward No.46 c) Improvements to RCC road and construction of drain at 2nd Cross Subhash Nagar in Ward No.50, Belgaum.2880063.57
package No.06 a) Construction of RCC road at Gajanan Galli Old Gandhi Nagar. b) Reconstruction of damaged compound wall of pump house and construction of CC drain and CD near pump house in Ward No.52 c) Relaying UGD line and reconstruction of chamber near KMF, Belgaum.2380994.68
Package No.07 a) Providing pavers from 2nd and 3rd Cross Bhagya Nagar to 30′ road 4th cross to 30′ road 5th and 5th & 6th Cross BP in Ward No.7 b) Improvements to road from Anand Nagar 2nd Cross infront of Juvekar House Ward No.10 c) Improvemenst to road at Devang Nagar 1st & 4th Cross in Ward No.13, Belgaum.2590018.1
Maintenance of Roads with asphalt patchwork at Ward No.45, 46, 50, 52, 53 & 55 at North II at CCB Belgaum659917.43

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  1. Welcome move… but one should make a note that, most the package include RCC works… Admin should make sure that contractors should not replace it by PCC… since most of the roads built in the past 2 years are totally deteriorated and cause for major dust in the city…!


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