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Rs. 500 Fine to be Imposed on Heavy Vehicles in Belagavi Cantonment Area

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By uday

Heavy traffic faces a crackdown in Belagavi cantonment limits as a ban has been enforced for a fortnight now. Heavy vehicle owners are warned of a Rs. 500 fine for non-compliance.

The Cantonment Board has issued a notice outlining the penalty for heavy vehicles causing road accidents, air, and noise pollution within its jurisdiction. Following discussions in recent meetings, the decision to impose the fine was reached unanimously.

Effective immediately, heavy vehicles are prohibited from entering the Cantonment board limits. Barricades manned by military personnel have been set up near key points including the Globe Theatre, Gandhi Circle, and Rakskop bus stand to enforce the ban.


With educational institutions situated within the cantonment area, the safety of students is paramount, leading to stringent measures.

In a recent board meeting, it was resolved to extend the ban to Independent Road, initially targeting heavy vehicles only. However, the imposition of fines will now be enforced rigorously.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic decision by Belagavi cantonment board, the heavy vehicles in cantt area are becoming dangerous to students as well as residents this ban must be imposed permanently
    Thanks a lot.


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