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RTI activist alleges misappropriation during session at Belagavi

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Bhimappa Gadad a RTI activist told press persons that there was a lot of misappropriation of funds and State legislature secretariat was not transparent in giving the information.


For the winter session of the legislature held in Belagavi in 2016 a sum of Rs.₹8.2 crore was spent.

A total of ₹58 lakh was spent for VIPs to book hotel rooms and on their food for the 10 day session. Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs T.B. Jayachandra spent around ₹1.92 lakh on lodging and ₹47,000 on food.

sessionMinisters K.R. Ramesh Kumar, H.K. Patil, Tanveer Sait, Umashree, A. Krishnappa and H. Anjaneya, former minister H.Y. Meti, MLAs Channabasappa Shivalli and Ivan D’souza spent above ₹1 lakh for rooms. 

Former chief minister H D Kumarswamy had one meal worth of Rs.3352 said RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad showing the papers.

A total of Rs 2 crore has been spent for accommodation, food and transportation and other facilities to ministers he revealed.

10.22 lakh paid to farmers, who let out their lands to stage protests while the house was in session at Halga.


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