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Shivalingappa Kittur has donated blood for 116 times

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Every year on 14 June, the world celebrates as World Blood Donor Day and he will donate blood for the last time and take his count of blood donations to 117.

Donating one’s blood is considered to be one of the significant and noblest donations a person can make. Several lives are lost for want of blood in India. Timely availability of suitable blood makes a huge difference to the lives of people who are battling for life. In a country like India, many people hesitate to donate blood for lack of awareness or several misconceptions surrounding it.

Shivalingappa-kitturShivalingappa Mahadevappa Kittur (60)belongs to a rare pedigree of human beings who put social cause ahead of personal comforts. He is a social activist, a philanthropist and more importantly a kind human being who has several laurels to his credit.

Ever since his youthful days, Shivalingappa had a penchant for serving the society. In line with his vision, he started donating blood on a regular basis. On several instances, he was forbid by his closed ones from donating blood. Despite all these obstacles, he till date has donated blood whenever there was a need.

Till date, Shri Shivalingappa Kittur has donated blood for 116 times.

On 14th June, 2017, he will donate blood for the last time for Mahaveer blood bank. Owing to the advice of doctors and deteriorating health, he will undertake the final blood donation.

He has donated blood for various social and medical institutes such as Mahaveer Blood bank, Belagavi, Durdundeshwar Math, Nidsosi, Kapileshwar temple, Danamma devi temple, KLE Ayurvedic hospital, Sakal Marathi newspaper, Belgaum Institute of Medical Science, Lion’s club, Civil hospital, KLE hospital.

He is a soul who never misses an opportunity to contribute to the society. On the occasion of his wedding anniversary every year on 28th February, he makes a point to provide food to the students of Maheshwari Blind school. He is a active member of social and religious organizations.

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  1. Really Great cause for humanity.
    one person can donate blood in every three to four months, considering that, he donating blood since last 30 years…
    Hats off to you Shivalingappa Mahadevappa Kittur.


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