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SH handed over to ULBs Liquor shops on such roads will be now saved

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19578.15 km long state highway is developed by PWD in the state amognst which 1476.69 km length state highway is passes through city and towns falling under City corporation or Town municipalities. As the cooperation of urban local bodies is essential to maintain State highway and to make it easier for their maintenance, the said state highways have been declared as ‘roads of urban local bodies’ and hence would not fall under the purview of the State Highways.

Each time the PWD had to seek help from the ULB’s to maintain such roads and hence after this transfer the ULB’s can now maintain the same which are part of their limits.


Hence it has been decided to declare 1476 kms state highway has been now declared as Roads of urban local bodies to for the convenience and easier maintenance vide order issued in this regard on 13 June.

Although the government has claimed the name of road is being changed for the convenience of maintenance, the fact behind this is to save hundreds of alcohol shops and bars situated on the State highway.

The there are total 426 bars and liquor shops and among them nearly 300 are situated on national and State highway. Excise department the highest revenue contributor to treasury of state government hence it is doing all these changes to save these revenue generating machines.

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  1. Rules are tweaked instantly to help a powerful lobby. Even a supreme Court order is extinguished. For a common man he encounters bureaucratic red tape. Government of the money bags by the dumb voters for the money bags.

    Wah Democrazy Wah!!!
    Three cheers to our great netas. Hip hip hurray.


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