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S.W.Kalvit Memorial Clinic to be built in Sagar Nagar slum

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slumToday was a landmark day for the Healthcare initiative at Sagar Nagar slum. Thanks to S.W.Kalvit Memorial Foundation, dream of a permanent clinic is another step closer to reality after the Bhoomi Puja was done at a site this morning.
Mr. Nazir Kittur & Vice Chairman of Late S W Memorial Foundation for their gracious contributions and the initiative taken by them to provide for those in need. We hope for your continued support and we will try our best to stand up to your expectations. We are very much obliged that you could take time and be present at the Bhoomi Puja.
The said clinic will be called S.W.Kalvit Memorial Clinic will also be the symbol of our unending commitment to the residents of Sagar Nagar slum and Mahesh Foundation which is also helping ins this venture, hope it will make the much needed difference for the health needs of the community. It will also aid Mahesh Foundation’s Healthcare providers as a platform, protected from the elements and provide comfort to the residents while being examined.
Such ventures are of paramount importance in reinforcing the trust of the community in our projects and help us involve them in many more projects aimed at improving the socio-economic conditions. We would like many more concerned citizens to participate in such ventures and do their part for the Joy of Giving.

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