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Saankhya Labs in Forbes’ Picks for the Next Global Players

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By uday

Forbes India is proud to announce its partnership with D Globalist in unveiling the DGEMS (Domestic Business to Global Entrepreneurs Mobility Summit), a platform that highlights 200 visionary entrepreneurs who are reshaping traditional business models by expanding their operations across borders.

We are particularly proud to feature Saankhya Labs, a company whose Managing Director and CEO, Parag Naik, hails from Belagavi. Saankhya Labs is a leading provider of wireless communication solutions in India, boasting an extensive portfolio of over 100 patents in software-defined radio and wireless technologies. This positions them as a dominant player in the industry.

Originally established as a fabless semiconductor startup, Saankhya Labs has now evolved into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for equipment in 5G NR, Direct-to-Mobile Broadcast, and Satcom. Their expertise lies in disruptive wireless communication technologies, specializing in 5G NR, 5G Broadcast, and Satcom solutions.

Saankhya Labs

Founded in 2006, Saankhya Labs initially focused on semiconductor communication systems before becoming a pioneer in software-defined radio chips. With their impressive collection of over 100 international patents, they hold the distinction of being India’s first private fabless semiconductor company.

At the helm of Saankhya Labs is CEO Parag Naik, who has been leading the company since April 2014. Collaborating with co-founders Vishwa and Hemant, Parag brings a wealth of industry expertise to the table. Vishwa, a seasoned tech entrepreneur, oversees business operations, while Hemant Mallapur, EVP of Engineering, spearheads the development of broadcast and rural broadband products. Together, they bring over a decade of experience to Saankhya Labs’ innovative journey.

Forbes India has partnered for the launch edition of DGEMS with D Globalist, a Global Business Mobility Accelerator with a worldwide network of professionals. D Globalist has created the concept of ‘Extrepreneurs’, referring to founders changing the paradigm of domestic business to a borderless approach, by extending the benefits created within their native boundaries at a global level, essentially in the form of advancing innovative technologies, introduction of new offerings & creation of jobs across nations.

DGEMS would focus on making select 200 aspiring Extrepreneurs abreast of cross border opportunities during the summit & network sessions with speakers, government dignitaries, endorsing bodies & designated organizations coming from across the globe.

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