Buffalo carnival Diwali Padwa

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Buffaloes decorated with painted horns, flowers, garlands ran through the streets of Belagavi city on the eve of Padwa. The milkman(Gavlis) celebrate this festival with great fervor. Each animal is properly bathed and decorated and Some are given alcohol, to get their spirits high during the parade and keep running.

buffalo-padwa-diwali belgaum

The buffaloes are decorated with garlands of flowers, painted horns, and paraded through the streets, often accompanied by the Band.

This is a tradition followed by the community for many generations now.
One can see the owner on a bike (normally a M80) making a huge sound behind which the buffaloes keep running also there are times when there is small brass band.


buffalo-padwa-diwali belgaum

9 thoughts on “Buffalo carnival Diwali Padwa”

  1. This is the culture and respect what we give to our profession in India,,,, This reminds me of Gawali Galli (Market Street in Camp )

  2. Force feeding animals alcohol is inhumane FIRST illegal second.
    Do you know what it’s called when you try to spike someones drink without telling them?
    And then in that inebriated state you blare loud sounds behind them??
    All this at who’s behest??? Who’s pleasure??? GODS?!!???
    Sad. I hope others take the initiative to inform the people/authorities necessary as well.
    Btw I never thought I’d ever have to do this but this comment is being saved so it can be posted again in case it’s deleted for the second time. If I’m abusing/insulting anyone or doing anything wrong with my comment please explain how to me first before censoring.
    Unless it’s freedom FOR the press only.


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