Youth held for altering photo with deep fake techniques in Khanapur

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By uday

A few days ago, videos depicting deep fake technology being used to crudely edit the portraits of famous actresses went viral. This incident has sparked a similar uproar in Khanapur.

The young woman involved in this case and the accused, Manthan Patil, hail from the same town. Patil was employed at a private company in Bangalore. It is alleged that Patil, in an act of revenge, used deep fake technology to superimpose the young woman’s face onto someone else’s body after she rejected him.

To further humiliate the young woman, Patil created a fake online account under the name “dram_quen_arati8” and uploaded edited portraits of other young women. As soon as these images came to light, the affected women promptly lodged a complaint with the Khanapur police. The accused, Manthan Patil, aged 22, was subsequently arrested by the Khanapur police for his involvement in editing and distributing the photos.

The young women bravely approached the police station and filed a complaint. As a result, a case has been registered, and Manthan Patil has been taken into custody. It was discovered that Patil had not only edited and distributed the young woman’s photos but had also done the same to three of her friends.

The Police expressed concern over this case and urged anyone who falls victim to photo editing and blackmail to immediately report the incident to the police.

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