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Saffron flag controversy is gaining ground Aage Kua Piche Khayi

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MP Suresh Angadi and MLA Sanjay Patil are now on the back foot as there are protests by the KRV. Angadi told The Hindu, and I quote “I will support it even if the KRV is ready to hoist a saffron flag, which has been and continues to be the symbol of our national pride since the times of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, The saffron flag symbolizes Hinduism and not the Kannada or Marathi linguistic community, as is being misunderstood by a few.

The issue was deliberately raked up to project the BJP as “anti-Karnataka” during election time.
The KRV ransacked the official chamber of Sanjay Patil, Bharatiya Janata Party MLA, which is housed in Belgaum taluk panchayat office here on Tuesday.

On the other side another faction of the KRV attacked the office Suresh Angadi which is situated in the Cada office.

 The KRV is demanding the withdrawal of the nomination of Angadi for the elections as they are supporting the hoisting of the saffron flag.

 In another development on the same issue the District administration submitted its report to the chief election officer of the state on the roles played by the MP and MLA in the protest done by MES, however no notice of violation of code of conduct has been issued.

 Its worst times for BJP now, “Aage Kua Piche Khayi”. If the Angadi supports the MES on the issue he can be in the race to get some Marathi votes, otherwise which is not very likely this time. People say, these politicians come when they want votes and this a just another example to it. The KRV is against Angadi’s support to MES saffron flag, so they are asking people not to vote for him. So where does the MP go “Aage Kua Piche Khayi”.

 This time the Belgaum loksabha election could give some surprises, still the other candidate lists are not out so we just have to imagine but, for these years the Marathi-Kannada issue was never a issue of great importance during the Loksabha elections. Yes, for the assembly elections it is the only issue.

 There has been no much disturbance after the delimitation of the constituencies. Belgaum Loksabha seat is made up of Arabhavi, Gokak, Belgaum Uttar, Belgaum Dakshin, Belgaum Rural, Bailhongal, Saundatti Yellamma and Ramdurg.

 So be glued to the election fever the congress candidate names should be out in a day or two and other names also as the nomination process starts in the last week of March.

 Source: The Hindu

1 thought on “Saffron flag controversy is gaining ground Aage Kua Piche Khayi”

  1. It’s sad to see petty issues taking such priority. It’s all part of politics. There is so much of media awareness but still when it comes to election time development agenda is hardly discussed. The need of the hour is development of the city which has huge potential to outsmart other cities in the state but there is no ample support from government. Which flag is being hosted will not decide the fate of our city but what development these politicians wish to bring is of importance. You will see them talking anything and everything except development.


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