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BelgaumBlog.com comes back


Readers are familiar with Belgaumblog.com[http://belgaumblog.com].

 But it’s not a news site anymore; it’s now a Blogger’s Blog. Any Belgaumite can come in blog about Belgaum or just anything (except personal blogs).


 Today a new story was posted by Mr.Morris on Edmund D’Silva, A Crippled Philanthropist! [http://belgaumblog.com/news/a-crippled-philanthropist-edmund-d’silva/].














This is story of a crippled boy who fought against all odds and now at 78 has shown us all that being a paraplegic has nothing to do with how to live life.

Others interested in writing for Belgaumblog.Com can go to the site and click on Write Story link and follow the registration process.

Why BelgaumBlog.com? I already have a blog on blogpsot.com.

If you already have a blog somewhere on the net, then it’s simple post stories from the blog with a suitable link to your blog on BelgaumBlog.com by which you will get good readers and your blog will get more hits. This blog is community and I request all to make use of this.

So Belgaumites, You know where to blog, its BelgaumBlog.com.


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