Sagar Slum gets 6 prefabricated houses – Desh Badal Raha hai

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Selco Foundation and Mahesh Foundation handed over 6 pre-fabricated houses to the slum dwellers at Sagar Nagar Slum in Kanabargi, Belagavi under the project titled Housing for Urban Migrants (HUM) free of charge in the presence of social worker Shri Shivaji Kaganikar and Shri Jagadish Pai of the Selco Foundation.

In his address to the gathering, Shri Kaganikar made the slum dwellers aware about their basic rights and asked them to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings. 

sagar-slumSagar Slum, near Kanbargi village of Belagavi which is a row of thatched houses made of various materials which is not so season friendly, is now getting ready to see a new a dawn with the installation of Mobile Houses which are safer and cleaner.

Mahesh Foundation, a NGO has now decided to provide these new smart looking mobile houses which will provide them hygienic living space and each fabricated house costs upto Rs.1.25 lakhs.

Made up of steel and it will be both anti-rust and heat resistant. While a couple of fibre glass sections on the roof will facilitate sunlight inside the mobile houses during daytime, solar power will light up the house after twilight. Each house will have a small kitchen and a hall which can double up as a bedroom.

The existing huts are not safe and hygienic for the slum dwellers. Troubles pour during rains in the form of water leakages and dust easily enters their huts during summers.

Six such houses were installed on a pilot basis and also two separate toilet blocks will also be constructed at a cost of Rs. 12,000 each. On the condition of maintaining cleanliness, houses will be handed over to the dwellers. Just to make residents realise the worth of the house, a negligible rent of 200 per month per house will be taken.

Mahesh Foundation has been actively involved in the Sagar Nagar slum area to improve the life of the slum dwellers for the past 4 years. Mahesh Foundation has been providing Educational and Health facilities to the slum people. During this time, they noticed the hardship of the slum dwellers due to their temporary structures in which they lived. Selco Foundation and Mahesh Foundation thus came together to help alleviate the difficulties of the local people and designed a pre-fabricated home. Six such homes have been built in the slum and were handed over on 21st Mar 2017.

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