Sambhaji road Khasbag road widening starts

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Sambhaji road in Khasbag will be widened to 45 feet and the work on the same was commenced on 2nd May by bringing down the compound walls and encroachments as per the Corporation.
How ever on the other side which has old houses made of mud have been given 7 days time.

The stretch is from old PB road to Basveshwar circle Khasbag. Marking was done 28 April for the same.


3 thoughts on “Sambhaji road Khasbag road widening starts”

  1. Hi All,

    How could authorities do this, our land has been acquired without paying us anything.

    How to claim for compensation.


  2. Yes, I have the same question. However Without prior notice or timelines authorities are pressurizing residents. People are forced to vacate. This all seem so unfair.


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