Hidkal pipeline bursts near Muchandi Houses damaged

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The main water pipeline from Hidkal dam which supplies drinking water to Belagavi ruptured near Muchandi Village at about 2 am on Wednesday morning leaving two houses completely damaged and another two damaged nominally.

muchandi muchandiVillagers said the water spike was about 200 feet high and this caused huge damage to the adjoining houses and property.

The water supply was stopped from Hidkal and the pipeline will be repaired due to which normal water supply will be affected for the next 4-5 days in the city. 

 Around one million gallons of water had drained out due to the burst. The pipeline which ruptured was laid 16 years ago and such bursts have occurred at least five times over the past five years. An interim relief of Rs.10,000 would be given to each of the affected families. Higher authorities would be urged to release compensation of a higher amount.

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