Santosh Kaveri from Belgaum wins LEAD award from Deshpande Foundation

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Innovation is the key to success, and one tries to innovate to increase the productivity with the least usage of resources. 

Santosh Kaveri from Samiti BBA College, Belgaum has done exactly that. He hails from the village of Shedbal, near Belgaum where people are mainly occupied by farming of vegetables. Farmers in the area had to spend extra sums of money to clean the produce they got from the Carrot yield that they got. They had to pay laborers to help them peel and clean the carrots that they harvested.  After six months of designing, Santosh Kaveri invented a machine to help with this process.  With the machine, carrot cleaning only requires the help of one or two people and requires a limited use of water and no electricity. Moreover, Santosh’s machine allows 100 kg of carrots to be harvested, cleaned, and peeled in only 15 minutes.  Eight farmers now use this machine and have spared the costs of employing six laborers.

The machine uses the simple phenomena of centrifugal force and all the carrots are cleaned and there are no damages that used to occur when they were cleaned by hand.

Santosh Kaveri receiving the award from Mr.Ratan Tata
Santosh Kaveri receiving the award from Mr.Ratan Tata


santosh_kaveri1For this extraordinary innovation he was recently awarded by the LEAD award for innovation constituted by the Deshpande Foundation at the hands of Mr.Ratan Tata at Hubli at the Yuva Summit.

About LEAD:

LEader’s Accelerating Development (LEAD)

LEAD focuses on fostering leadership and social entrepreneurship in college youth. LEAD operates on college’s campus in the sandbox area of southern India, including Hubli-Dharwad, Gadag, Bijapur, Bagalkot ,Davangere, Chitrdurga, Haveri, Belgaum and Uttara Kannada. The program aims to develop and explore ideas coming out of India’s growing population, and to harness that energy to create powerful social change. With the goal of inspiring the youth of India at the forefront, the unique program of LEAD develops leadership skills by exposing them to social issues, encouraging them to recognize and engage with problems in their local communities, and igniting their latent talent to come up with creative solutions.

The theme of Yuva Summit is “envisioning new possibilities for the youth”, showcases our young leaders and give them a chance to celebrate the efforts of students, supportive faculty and community members; during Yuva Summit, an additional event will showcase LEAD’s 50 most innovative projects out of 500 projects and awards to young leaders who have demonstrated efficient leadership by working relentlessly in making their ideas turn into reality.

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