Sapling Harvesting-A Unique Initiative by the Green Saviours team

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The Green Saviours commenced a unique initiative during their 17th consecutive Sunday of working in the interests of restoring the greenery in the city. Nearly a hundred volunteers participated and the specialty of todays drive was the presence of a large number of college students who have joined the initiative.

They conducted a ‘Sapling Harvesting Drive’ and picked up over 400 saplings from road sides and from residential compounds. Most of these trees do not survive and hence the Green Saviours team in association with the Department of Social Forestry has taken up the responsibility of saving these trees by transferring them to bags full of soil and compost. The trees will be part of the Green Saviours inventory and will be maintained by the forest nursery at Chenamma Nagar.

sapling-harvest green savioursThe team plans to conduct these harvesting drives across town and there are thousands of prospective trees of Mango, Jambool, Jackfruit, Tamarind, Peepal, Banyan, etc which can thus be saved and planted at suitable sites through the year. People are requested to get in touch with the team members with information about such saplings. Most of these saplings are otherwise lost when cleaning of road sides and residential compounds is undertaken or due to lack of space and nutrition.

The Green Saviours team has planted over 1500 trees across 16 consecutive Sundays and will continue their work across the year. Building their own inventory is part of their future endeavour to accomplish larger plantations of native trees, especially fruiting trees in and around the city.

To join the Green Saviours initiative, please contact 9611313919 or email to [email protected]

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