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Satish Jarakiholi meets Nitin Gadkari

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By uday

Public Works Minister Satish Jarakiholi met Union Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari in Delhi on Wednesday to discuss various state projects, including the construction of a tunnel at Shiradi Ghat. After the meeting, Jarakiholi spoke to reporters and stated that they had discussed the pending works in the state and reached an agreement between the state and central government.

One of the projects discussed was the construction of the Shiradi Ghat tunnel, which is facing challenges due to forest issues. Jarakiholi mentioned that acquiring one acre of land should not be a problem, but a clear proposal is required from the state government. He assured that he would discuss this matter with CM Siddaramaiah.

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Additionally, Jarakiholi highlighted that there are still 38 national highways in the state that need to be upgraded. He expressed his interest in building a tunnel in Bangalore and has already written a letter to the state government regarding this. The final proposal for these projects will be presented in the coming days, and Jarakiholi emphasized the need to determine who will invest the required funds.

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