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Restrictions on Visiting Waterfalls Belagavi District:DC Nitesh Patil

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By uday

Deputy Commissioner Belagavi Nitesh Patil has announced strict measures to ensure public safety amidst heavy rainfall in the district. As a precautionary step, access to all waterfalls in the area will be completely restricted.

Tragic incidents of people losing their lives due to path collapses while approaching waterfalls have been reported across the state. To prevent such mishaps, movement near the waterfalls in the district has been restricted. Additionally, public access to waterfalls in forested areas is already prohibited.

Chikhale Falls near Chikale village which is about 40 kms from Belagavi.
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However, tourists will still have the opportunity to view some of the famous waterfalls in the district, such as Gokak, from a safe distance. The forest department, along with tour guides and police personnel, will be deployed to monitor these areas closely.

District Collector Nitesh Patil urges tourists to exercise caution when visiting these waterfalls and to be mindful of potentially dangerous spots. Your safety is our utmost priority.

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