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SAVE VACCINE DEPOT – Haven’t we already destroyed it?

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A very common practice in our Belagavi city is that whenever we post about flaws in a quest to have then solved through community participation, all that we do it mock it in the posts, call names to administration and we unite!

But when the same editor calls for similar news and the reason is the citizens, we don’t utter a word.

“Save vaccine depot” is something we are coming across on all platforms of social media. It’s much needed to save the oldest living trees there and none of the citizens are ready to hand it over to technology.

vacine trash1
vacine trash

But, arent you too responsible for its miserable condition today?

1. Beer bottles decorate the walking path

2. Birthday leftovers, candles and balloons surrounding the trees. What’s so happy about that birthday if you pollute?

3. Green bangles, cut lemons and chillies, ash gourd all hung on trees, to ward off negativities?

4. There are so many people in our country who die due to cold, who resort to cover body with rags. You could give the clothes to them instead of spreading them on the depot ground

5.Let us not even mention about plastic, its omnipresent!

…. and after all this ” SAVE VACCINE DEPOT”.

Havent we already destroyed it?

Is it so difficult for each one to take care of ONLY your trash?

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  1. Agree.
    Problem is the people who damage never reads these maessages nor think about . They never realise the damage they are doing to our surrounding.

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