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Schools to reopen tomorrow for Std 1 to 9

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Deputy Commissioner MG Hiremath has ordered that Schools for Std 1 to 9 will be closed from January 11 to January 18.
However, the said order was modified and schools are set to open from Monday, January 17 for standard 1 to 9.

Parents and authorities in the Belagavi district are worried as over 100 children tested positive for Covid in Athani on Saturday. Most of the children are from rural areas and have reported mild symptoms.

Fifteen students and a teacher from the Government High School at Yakkunchi village tested positive. At Banajawad Education Societies Residential Primary, Intermediate and Pre-University College on the outskirts of the Athani, 62 students are positive.  Two students in the limits of Halyal PHC, seven in Ugar PHC, three in Shivanur PHC and 10 in Anantapur PHC have contracted the virus.


Students must follow the rules –

Always wear a mask

Get Drinking water

Santizier bottle at school

Only those schools will be closed if the number of Positives in that particular school are ore than 10%.

14 thoughts on “Schools to reopen tomorrow for Std 1 to 9”

  1. Dear M G Hiremath sir, the covid cases in Belgaum are on rise, how about extending schools closure for one more week and analyse the situation and then decide to open? Sincere request ??

  2. Earlier when the positivity rate was more than 5 %, we used to have lock downs. I’ am really surprised how Schools n Colleges are being opened.

  3. I think dat they are waiting for our children to get infected by dis virus dn dey will close the schools I m not able to understand y dey r risking the life of our children will dey take the responsibility if sumthing goes wrong

  4. Why take risks for unvaccinated children? The schools should be closed based upon the prevailing situation. The positivity rate is already surpassing 6%

  5. Hi Authorities,

    Request you to keep schools shut, resins below

    1) Children are not vaccinated

    2) Schools hardly contribute to the economy of India as no business happens there(compared to any other industry)

    3) If a child is infected then child’s family members, parents and grand parents will be infected which may cause DEATH of any old person in the family

    4) Thought the children will recover from Covid, but their family members will surely get infected. Our lives are as important as yours


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