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Scruffy work under Smart city damages UG cable

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The City of Belagavi has been dug up over the past couple of years on various counts especially the Underground cabling by HESCOM, and now add woes to it the Smart city works are damaging these UG cables and the power supply was hampered.

Not once but many times such incidents have occurred when the digging done for the smart city projects has damaged the UG cable.

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On Sunday 11kv UG cable in Shivbasav Nagar was damaged and the HESCOM staff had to repair which took over 3 hours and hence power supply to a few areas was stopped.

This has been occurring over and over again but no respite.

This shows the casual attitude with which the work is done by both HESCOM and Smart City. No one is bothered to see how deep or exactly where the UG cabling is done, in fact in many cases the UG cabling has passed through main Drainage lines. Then the City Corporation was crying foul on HESCOM, now HESCOM on Smart city.

2 thoughts on “Scruffy work under Smart city damages UG cable”

  1. I am Very much appreciated the Post on the subject ug cables , there’s no proper co-ordination with all govt.and local body’s who’s working on the Smart city projects, it is also noted that the work CD by corporation is carrying at Behind Bazzar and pagul Galli Belagavi the cables were damaged by the contractor s Staff the authorities least bothered about the waste of public fund., It is very sad things going on in the BELGAVI. Please share your post regular. Thanks.

  2. Hiring non skilled workers for a smart project for a smart city is a no no! Contractor should be held responsible for the damages .


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