DudhSagar the amazing water falls

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One cannot trek from Castlerock to Dudhsagar, the RPF will precisely ask you a question at Castlerock station and will ask you to go back if you had planned to trek to Dudhsagar.
However, you can make a train trip to Goa and have a glimpse of the same, but don’t get down on the tracks you will be fined. 

Updated: June 2018
First Posted:  Jul 16, 2012

Dudh Sagar Falls has been an attraction for everyone who travels by train to Goa, which lies amidst the Briganza Ghat (as locally known) in the belt of Western Ghats in the state of Goa bordering Karnataka. Dudh Sagar Falls is located adjacent to the Railway Track on Goa-Londa route. Dudh Sagar (Sea of Milk) as it is known is believed to have derived its name from an incident where a princess who covered herself by throwing milk in order to hide.
Dudh Sagar fall boosts of an awesome height of 310 Meters, is the 5th highest waterfall in India and Ranks 227th in the world. The waterfall forms couple of pools which adds to the scenic beauty amidst the Green Jungles of Western Ghats. But Swimming is highly risky in these ponds.

The members of the Belgaum Photographers circle visited this falls yesterday to get you these amazing pics. They biked until Castlerock and from there trekked all the way to the falls which is about 15 kms.


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  1. Logically speaking ,The government should make arrangements for cafeteria’s ,tea shops, restaurants being a World heritage site.

      Let public have hotels, cafeteria etc, as we know how our belgaum tourism office near BUDA office at lake is getting converted into a bhooth bangla, I doubt the officers may be there on records getting their salary and they would be doing private jobs as well- this is INDIA anything can happen- its GODS own country

  2. THE track is going to be doubled under the HOSPET-Vasco Doubling project, the project may take time but destruction of nature will happen anytime

  3. Dudhsagar it was amazing water falls
    located between goa and Karnataka
    no words to explain the beauty and nature of dudhsagar
    I did treking with my friends totally it was an awesome experience
    Dont miss to see dudhsagar

  4. let the nature be as it is. i am totally against setting up food joint on anything in the area. what r we trying to do. for gods sake understand the gravity of situation. totally disagree with SM Naik. learn to respect nature.

  5. Hello me n my friends are planning to visit last week so may I know is it allowed to visit.n trains timings also plz…

  6. It was an excellent trip with sea water sports, Dudh Sagar waterfall visit was one of the best memorable trips of my life. The natural beauty and white (milk) waterfall were the best. It was an awesome experience. Thank u sea water sports.


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