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Search for Tiger in VTU Campus still on


According to sources a tiger was spotted behind the PG block at the VTU Campus. Traffic has been halted near the VTU campus.

Search on for Tiger in VTU Campus Belagavi
Search on for Tiger in VTU Campus Belagavi
Search on for Tiger in VTU Campus Belagavi
Search on for Tiger in VTU Campus Belagavi

This morning a tiger was spotted and even pug marks.

vega spaces belagavi

Sources say the tiger could have strayed from the Bhimgad forest and this is the closest to human habitat.
The forest officials are having a tough time in tranquilizing the animal.

Photos: Vinayak



  1. i think it really high time for the government to quickup and think about the security of the people around . and also about the animals that have lost their natural habitate and wandering about.

  2. I spent my two years at VTU Campus, Graduated in 2013. Those 2 years I was always wandering and asking question to all security gurads and other people about wild animals in this campus. Everyone told me that till date no such incident took place in VTU campus. But I use to think always how could it be possible when the whole uniivesity is surrounded by dense forest. But students have got good security in this campus. I am really happy and proud to be the alumni of this univesity.

  3. This incident makes me feel like the tiger is as gud as a beggar who is wandering to get some space n food to eat. We should realise that we have forced this animal to come out of its territory as it hardly has any its own territory.. high time we should realise what have we done to ecological system.

    • aforesaid by the above comment saying the national animal tiger as beggar would be an insulting word i support your word for the ecological system but i would definitely be repulsive saying the word beggar for the national animal .my message to we citizens would be save forest build ecosystem…


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