Sena men attack Katwa infotech premises for Anti V day protests

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Sri Rama Sene activists today attacked workers of Katwa Infotech, a   BPO while they were celebrating Valentine day, injured two of them and ransacked the venue in Belgaum.

A 15-member group of sene activists, which was on the prowl to stall the celebrations in line with their threat to disrupt the event, spotted the banners put up at Katwa Infotech, a BPO, located in Jyoti Towers complex in Vadgaon.


They pulled down the banners and issued a warning to the gathering to disperse. As the employees, most of them teenaged boys and girls ran helter and skelter, the activists pelted stones, damaging the window panes of the building, ransacked furniture and assaulted some persons in which two received minor injuries.

After a few minutes, the culprits left the area before the police arrived on the scene.


Source: PTI

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