Love under police protection: V day all was normal


love dale belagavi

This year’s Valentine’s Day was celebrated with a fear factor in mind by the youngsters. There was police presence at all the colleges and important hang out points and circles. No major incident I got to know about all went off peacefully.

The Shri Ram Sene also organized a rally from JNMC to RPD.
I met a few who said they will celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow.
The Shiv Sena burnt the Valentine’s Day cards in front of Gogte College it was a part of the rally they took out from RPD corner. In all as there was preventive arrest made of Pramod Muthalik in Gulburga yesterday things were subdued today.


There was police presence at all the colleges which was quite abnormal for many.

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. hey wats rong wit stayin outa bgm dont know nythng wats goin wil any1 plz leme know wat al this stuf bout..this ram sena..n al..u can mail me [email protected] waitin..plz make it quick..


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