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I am excited to introduce you to Social gaming and Mobile services on


Social gaming:

Why Social gaming?

1.Provide your own social gaming feature.
2.Engage your users and provide a socializing platform.
3.Increase your user loyalty.
4.Upgrade your website value.
5.Attract more visitors to your website.


Mobile services:


Welcome to free mobile services send free Text messages (SMS) to any mobile in India, download thousands of free ring tones, Read funny SMS and lot more.
1.Free sms to India and world.
2.Polyphonic Ring tones
3.Mobile games
4.Get more users to your website.
5.Mobile softwares
6.funny sms
7.upload from pc to mobile


To use all that go to page


All this is FREE, So Enjoy !

So, now do not go anywhere else, your own city site has all and would add more in time to come.

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