Senior Citizens Entertainment club soon – Abhay Patil

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MLA Belagavi Dakhshin had convened a meeting of senior citizens to ascertain their needs for the establishment of the Senior Citizens Entertainment club.

MLA Patil had promised the same in his manifesto and taking the same forward held a first meeting with the senior citizens to ascertain the exact need of the citizens.

Patil said, This was part of my election manifesto and I will fulfill it in the next 6 months.

The entertainment club for Senior Citizens will include Open-air Theatre(Drama, Speech, Comedy carnival, cultural activities), 100 Seater Movie theatre, Music Room (Tabla, Guitar, Violin, Mouth organ, etc), Library and reading room, Sports room(for Table tennis, Carrom, Chess, and other games).

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A special room cum Lab to check BP, Sugar levels along with a Canteen, Usabari Katta(Sharing talks from here and there), Yoga premises, hall inspired by Mount Abu for Meditation, and many more things for recreation of the senior citizens.

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