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Separate North Karnataka state with Belgaum as its capital

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The Deccan Chronicle, today mentions and we quote Umesh Katti, Agriculture minister “By 2020, India is most likely to be divided into 50 states based on population, development and linguistic considerations. It is a fact that Bombay-Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka are different compared to the Old Mysore region – be it food, language or culture. The disparity is profound. Tungabhadra river clearly demarcates these two distinct regions. If and when the Centre finally decides to carve out a second state from Karnataka, Belgaum can be the capital.”umeshkatti

The DC further quotes Katti saying “The backward districts of North Karnataka need better infrastructure, connectivity, industries, education and employment. By creating a second power centre, things will move faster. For instance, Dharwad High Court is a boon to this region as it has cut down travel and accommodation costs of litigants and helped them overcome language barrier. We will hold a week-long winter session here when issues pertaining only to Bombay-Karnataka and Hyderabad -Karnataka regions will be discussed. Eventually, we will move departments like sugar, textiles and fisheries to Belgaum. Transport, education and police (catering to the north Karnataka region) will also be housed in the Soudha.”
Umesh Katti is the district incharge minister for Belgaum as well. With this Katti has initiated a new debate on dividing the state into two and making Belgaum the capital of the new state. Political analysts would aptly put this as a case of too much hurry as the case regarding to Belgaum is in the Supreme court. 

43 thoughts on “Separate North Karnataka state with Belgaum as its capital”

  1. Big deal….Belgaum need better rail and air connectivity and major hurdels are , no big auto industries are comming up in Belguam even though caters the largest auto ancellaries to Pune ,
    Mr Katti talking about Sugar ( the diraectorate is already in Belguam ) , Police the Northen range IG office is in Belgaum , Transport (excpet Traffic enforcement) RTA Belgaum dvision(sum of NW karantak a) is also based in Belguam , even Education deprtment DDPI was in Belagum , it was moved to Dharwad by MLA Horrati , Relcoate all office of Belgaum back here as a divsional HQ

  2. Makes sense… new state with Belgaum as capital… Dharwad already has High Court functioning. It will be a boon to the whole of NK region. Take for instance Chhatisgarh after carved out of MP is doing much better and good governance has reached people better.

  3. It’s too early to jump for second state formation.. subject will excite the followers of AAB..! But cool down… there are ways to improve the conditions of Belgaum.. Honorableness ministers should unite and come together for the betterment of North Karnataka region… Would like to mention a saying by Sir. M. Vishweshwaraya- “Whole is more than sum of it’s part…!”

  4. I would suggest to the politicians to have Hubli-Dharwad as capital of Mumbai-Karnataka. It is more central, well connected and developed than Belgaum.

    For me Belgaum is in a corner and not that well connected.

    • is there any 8th wonder in hubli? don’t even think of comparing belgaum with hubli-dharwad we all know which city is devoloped and how it is devoloped , hey guys I think its not possible to divide karnataka

      • No 8th wonder… it is more central in location…better rail and road connectivity with other districts in north karnataka. I feel Belgaum is more in the north west corner..

        Its well connected to Bagalkot/Bijapur, Hospet/Bellary/Koppal, Davangere/Shimmoga, Gadag/Haveri, Sirsi/Karwar,Belgaum

        • Bijapur is the real central place in north Karnataka which connects Mumbai karnata districts like Hubli gadag belgaum etc to the Hyderabad Karnataka districts such as gulbarga bidar raichure etc. so Bijapur is more deserving capital for north Karnataka. rather then these overrated cities

      • Hubli-Dharwad is the most suitable location for Capital city of NW Karnataka. It has the best combination – Dharwad for education, weather and culture & Hubli for trade, commerce and logistics (all rail, road and air travel). Belgaum is getting unnecessary attention, Thanks to Maharashtra claim, otherwise it wouldn’t have got vidhana soudha also. I am glad it is on NH4, not near vaccine depot.

        This forum doesn’t like the reality. but I till hope Uday publishes this. Thanks…

        • Agreed that Belgaum would not have got VS if there were no Maha claim over it. But due to the same issue, it has lost out on many things too- several of govt and private investments. And Belgaum is no Bidar or Bagalkot to not deserve VS.

        • You cannot match the number of collages in Belguam , many collages in Hubli Dharwad were from Belguam KLE society , even today Belgaum is the only city with 7 engineering collage , The university was driven away long back other wise Belguam university was much would have been in palce during formation of Karnataka state, on commercial part , Belguam is seocnd most state exchequer contributor, provide it would have got its due share of devleopment on industrial front ….

    • Evene Bangalore is in corener, Its Belgaum and will be Belgaum as capital for seocnd state, and it is not Belgaum is not conncted , it was never given to scope to connected ,The Karantak Suvarna quadrilatiral was never finished which actually connect Begaum Bijapur and Gulbarga, Belguam deserves better ever then any cities in N Karnataka , and only comopolitant , comapred to any other cities in N Karnataka

      • true…. because belgaumites always have to make thier fingers crossed in all issues and devlopment
        I request to Editor to make one story on true facts about belgaum I mean how belgaum lost its major projects and political reasons all that

      • north karnataka will become like bihar, without bangalore. more than 60% of the states income comes from bangalore itself. and also major cities like mysore and mangalore are in south which contribute to the states income. north karnataka will be worst nightmare for anybody. most no of irrigation projects done with the money that comes from bangalore. please first check the data before supporting any separation.

  5. Why there are not many takers for separate North Karnataka state? Could it be because North Karnataka people’s mind is preoccupied with Karnataka-Maharashtra border dispute.

    North Karnataka people are ethnically and culturally different from South Karnataka people.Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka is located at the southern tip of Karnataka far away from North Karnataka.These two points should drive them for a separate statehood.

    Compare this with Telangana who are fighting for separate statehood inspite of Hyderabad having inside telangana region and there is hardly any difference in ethnicity.

  6. the real deserving city for the capital of north Karnataka is Bijapur. which is traditionally reach. and it also has 8 wonder in world that is golgumaz which is world famous. its just like taz mahal in Agra. and it is the real central place in north Karnataka. its not in the Maharashtra border such as belgaum and its not in near of of south Karnataka which is hubbli. so Bijapur should be the capital of nkarnataka which connects Mumbai Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka.

  7. Guys, I just can’t control laughing after reading all your opinions.Still it’s not a confirmed project of dividing Karnataka in to two, before than that u all are creating a unwanted controversy’s on making capital city, even don’t know whether if it happen’s. And if it also happen’s then of course Belgaum will be the capital city as it is already descided and also it deserves to be.So better digest it all of you…

    • north karnataka will become like bihar, without bangalore. more than 60% of the states income comes from bangalore itself. and also major cities like mysore and mangalore are in south which contribute to the states income. north karnataka will be worst nightmare for anybody. most no of irrigation projects done with the money that comes from bangalore. please first check the data before supporting any separation.

  8. I don’t know if its good or bad dividing our state. Its been 8 years I have been in Bangalore what I have faced is that when I say someone that I m from bagalkot they say where is that. I feel really sad people from Karnataka (bangalore) don’t know where is bagalkot. Also better if we make Hubli as our capital rather than Belgaum, as I don’t want that to be dominated by Marathi people as in we have Tamils in Bangalore.

    I am looking forward for separate state our north Karnataka state.


    • Your comments are excellant, I belong to Dharwad, I totally agree with your opinion. We north Karnataka people must unite and fight for a separate state. We must give up the notion of One-language one-state. There can be many states speaking same language. Just like Telangana we must fight for a separate state.
      As you have rightly said capital city can be Hubli-Dwd or Gulbugra, not Belgaum for the reasons we all know.

  9. facts about belgaum
    *7engg clgs….5 clgs are worst ..they r like our hubli-dharwad schools:-P
    *always kannada-marathi fights
    *dabba railway station & worst bustand in north karnataka
    *useless sambra airport
    *only 1 mall …poor one
    etc etc

  10. already i have initiated my legal fight in dividing Karnataka in to four sates ….uttar karnataka,dakshin karnataka,poorva karnataka,pashcima karnataka…..intention is to throw bangalore and mysore out of karnataka….let bangalooreans and mysoreans go to hell…

  11. guys have you gone mad or what? your demanding to separate Karnataka state. what the hell you all are talking guys? its impossible. please don’t separate it. it will harm us only. its an humble request plz don’t!!!!

    • You must be living in Bangalore or Mysore. Visit some time Bidar or Gulburga, then you will realise. The biggest problem of K’taka is the Bangalore city which is located at the southern tip of Karnataka, hardly accessible to a person from Bidar. All the development activity takes place in and around Bangalore. North karnatak is already harmed. Only remidy is creation of new north karnataka state.

  12. Do u all really think Belgaum don’t deserve to be the capital city, if NK is formed…
    Then just read..
    1. Belgaum is called the “king chooser” of the state.
    2. It is known for the best climate and weather conditions throughout the year…
    3. It has ‘n’ number of tourist spots… especially water falls.
    4. It has wildlife sanctuaries in Khanapur which is a home for number of wild animals including tigers,leopards, one horned deers(rarely found) , etc
    5. Comming to education
    It has 3 universities
    Do u all know Belgaum has highest number of Enginerring colleges in karnataka next to Banglore.
    It has a Vishveswaraya Technological University which has affiliation of around 360+ engg. Colleges in state..
    and is considered one of the best technical institutes in country.
    VTU has also it’s 3 other centers in mysore,Blore, and gulbarga.

    In medicine,
    It is a home for the Asia’s 3 biggest and best medical university..KLE

    KLE offers even rarest of streams in medicine which are rarely found in India..

    It also houses Rani Chennamma University
    Which has an affiliation of around 250+ colleges…
    Belgaum also has best schools and colleges at various levels..

    Dwd or Hubli can no where be compared with Belgaum in education…

    In the field of COMMERCE and TRADE

    Belgaum is second highest exporter of automotive parts in state next to Blore. ..
    It is home for an aerospace industry AEQUES (earlier QUEST GLOBAL) which exports aerospace parts to international Boeing, etc.

    Belgaum is a highest producer of sugar cane in state…
    It has highest no. of sugar industries.. in state

    It has the best textile market next to bombay….
    People from Hubli,Dwd,Goa,kholapur visit Belgaum to buy clothes during the time of festivals..

    Do u know Belgaum is selected for a smart city project by central government…..and not Hubli or Dharward.

    Belgaum also has a Vidhan Soudha bench…and various departments are shifted here..


    • Brother first of all Karnataka is not going to be divided politicians seeking it for there own purpose not to improve, and Belgum is like Lotus in Mud it’s beautiful but surrounded by Maharashtrians, First make it as a part of karnatak after I will support to make Belgum as capital of Karnataka (not as North Karnataka).

  13. Very Good Initiative by Respectful Katti Sir, please belgaum should be the capital of 2nd karnataka, as north karnataka already strugalling due to upper hand of south karnataka.
    also culture is far different.
    we will be more better served by great good focus on the infrastructure, cultural benifit, more focused development.

    thanks a lot Respectful Mr. Katti Sir for raising this issue. Also i request editor sir to make a brief story on how the north karnataka region getting treated as a step son compare to other karnataka region’s development,industrial areas,jobs,infrastructural developments.

    actually if this would have done in past , north karnataka region would have been far developed.


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