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Separate statehood for the North Karnataka – Umesh Katti

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Speaking to newsmen here on Friday, Mr. Umesh Katti demanded the Congress State government to convene a special session of the legislature to declare separate statehood for the North Karnataka region immediately.katti_umesh

Katti had made such appeals earlier as well but did not garner much support from within his party.

But now it seems he has found allies in his rival Congress party – former minister Basavaraj Rayareddy, MLA Malikayya Guttedar, MLA and A.S. Patil Nadahalli, MLA.

Katti had raised this issue of separate statehood to NK way back in October 2012.

8 thoughts on “Separate statehood for the North Karnataka – Umesh Katti”

  1. We being from Belgaum will not support you for such foolish thought, if IIT is not given to Belgaum then we will be forced to support the foolish thought

  2. Let he improve his area i.e CHIKKODI First,,,till today there are no proper roads & water supply,,poor people & farmers are suffering there.

    If Mr.Katti has forgotten this let me remind some key factors of his constituency which needs development & was not at all developed even when he was in power.
    – Malnourished children
    – Scarcity of Water
    – Lack of Proper Infrastructure.

    and now he is speaking all the non-sense of new state.

  3. Mr Katti, may be a possibility but after atleast 50-60 yrs Not now…Concentrate on your work and improve Belgaum status..Currently it is only tagged to being communal district…Improve it to bring in new industries…IT…Govt offices..Super multispeciality hospitals (so that KLE stops its monopoly)….Improve infrastructure..Just by making a 400 cr secritrait if everybody starts demanding state hood…..India will be like a picture of drawing made by pre nursery student…

  4. yeah make North karnataka a different state & then please elect me as the new CM then i promise you another 4 sugar factories, A couple of new schools, Engineering and Medical college and another hospital like KLE and ……………………………….. TRING… TRING …………..TRING… TRING…


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