Sexist ‘Men at Work’ signs

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Authorities of the Belagavi Smart city need to get smart enough at least as their name suggests and should alter the “Men Working Ahead” boards which look sexist in nature.

This particular board placed at Shri Nagar garden where the White topping work is in progress also had women working but the board makes mention of “Men Working Ahead” only.

Signs should be gender-neutral, why the discrimination.

Now, this post can be treated as overreacting to a simple board, but in fact, small things need to change and only this can make a Smart city.

Men at WorkThe Positive side of the board is, they have thought of placing one to inform the public is a welcome step.

The “Men Working” sign issue isn’t simply a matter of symbolism. Signs such as ‘Men at Work’ unintentionally reinforce the idea that only men are suited for — and are capable of — doing outdoor physical jobs, where in reality the women also work.

The sign issue is important because it is indicative of messages and signs that women receive all day, every day, on the streets, in the board room, in every aspect of their lives, especially professionally, that either ignore women or disparage women.

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  1. That’s so true. No matter the women has left no Stone turned. The credit goes to man. Why? That’s just so unfair that’s Injustice. It’s a world ruled by men n we just speak about equality. It’s just words n not put in actions


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