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Seychelles special forces to be trained in Belgaum

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The Tazar unit of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF) will be coming to India for a extensive training program.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Seychelles) and the Indian High Commission said on Friday the unit will be trained in special forces operations, VIP protection duties, commando operations and deep-sea diving.

firstonaabThe training will begin in mid-January and will give a cutting edge to Seychellois special forces.

The upcoming training will last for nearly three months. The Tazar unit will be training as a team for a month at the Commando School (Belgaum, Karnataka), followed by a month at the Special Forces Training School (Nahan, Himachal Pradesh).

Training will cover all aspects of special forces tactics, VIP security, hostage rescue, close-quarter battle, demolition, slithering, communications, battle field nursing assistance, surveillance, maritime intervention operations and combat underwater diving.

The whole of the training, including transport costs from/to Seychelles and within India, is being financed by the Indian government.

Source: Nation, Seychelles

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