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Shahpur police start night patrolling by walking it out

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Each one has seen the Police jeeps, the Bikes been used for night patrolling which is a common scene, but the streets of Shahpur see a different night patrolling along with the regular patrolling.

Inspector of Shahpur station Javed Mushapiri has commenced night patrolling by walk, he selects one area and walks along with his colleagues to know the issues of the people.


Speaking to AAB , Javed Mushapiri said

This is not very unique or new but just an effort to make the citizens feel they are safe and the police is reachable to them. If the citizens are confident that the police will help them resolve their issues, the police should also reach out to them The co-operation of the citizens is a must to curb crime as they can inform the police in time. This is just a small effort in this regard.

While patrolling he does stop over and speak to the citizens and gives his mobile number just in case they need some help.

He can be contacted at 9480804046. He has the citizens to contact him if they find any illegal activity happening anywhere.

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  1. Thank you Officer.. You should be visiting school’s and sharing your no. The children would feel very secured, sometimes waiting alone outside the school gate.


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