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“Shakti” scheme -Free bus travel for women launched in Belagavi

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The Shakti scheme is a powerful tool for empowering women in Karnataka. This initiative provides free bus travel to women across the state, allowing them to pursue educational opportunities and professional development. Public Works and Belagavi District In-charge Minister Satish Jarakiholi has championed this scheme, recognizing the importance of empowering women in every way possible.

At the launch of the Shakti scheme, Minister Jarakiholi spoke passionately about the benefits of this program. He emphasized that this initiative is a milestone in the history of Karnataka and that it will serve as a model for the rest of the country. Despite the financial burden on the government, Minister Jarakiholi expressed confidence that the transport company will become financially sound by earning profit.

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Under the Shakti scheme, women will receive Shakti cards that allow them to travel across the state for free. This initiative will be particularly beneficial for women who travel to work daily or have small jobs requiring frequent travel. While the government will bear a significant financial burden, the state will benefit from increased tourism and all-round development.

At the launch ceremony, Chief Guest Prakash Hukkeri emphasized the importance of fulfilling the guarantee of the Shakti scheme. He recalled that the previous government had initiated the construction of hi-tech bus stations in different parts of the district at a cost of 265 crore rupees. MLA Asif (Raju) Sait, who presided over the ceremony, noted that some people had argued that the Shakti scheme would cause a loss to the government. However, he emphasized that the benefits of empowering women far outweigh any financial costs.

Overall, the Shakti scheme is a powerful initiative that will empower women across Karnataka. This program will enable women to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals by providing free bus travel.

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