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Association Forum in Belagavi Takes a Stand Against Tariff Hike by HESCOM

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By uday

The Forum of Association of Belagavi District gathered at the Kannada Sahitya Bhavan, Rani Channamma Circle Belagavi, to address the recent increase in power tariffs and unfair extraordinary charges billed by ESCOMs operating across Karnataka state.

This issue has affected industries, trade, as well as every household in the state. We are conducting this press conference to protest the sudden burden on businesses and the general public and express our views and planned actions.

The industry, trade, and households are already struggling with increasing energy costs and cannot cope with the overwhelming FPPCA levies. Therefore, we request the government to intervene and roll back the draconian levies with immediate effect and resolve this issue within a week.

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The following actions have been decided by all associations of Belagavi:

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1. All associations of the Belagavi District and the consumers of HESCOM will join in a silent protest and submit a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner of Belagavi, HESCOM Belagavi, Ministers, MP, and MLAs of our constituencies in Belagavi District on Tuesday, 13th June 2023, at 10:15 am. The silent protest will start from Rani Chennama Circle to DC office.

2. We shall wait for a week for the officials to take action to withdraw the hike.

3. If no action is taken by the officials, we shall take strong measures to protest. This may include a Bandh of all industries and businesses across Karnataka.

4. We shall also explore legal action and approach the courts for justice.

We urge the government to take immediate action to address this issue and provide relief to the people of Karnataka.

4 thoughts on “Association Forum in Belagavi Takes a Stand Against Tariff Hike by HESCOM”

  1. How can you expect anything free.

    Is it available in the air to give you free

    They have promised to give free
    So to give free they have to find a way of income and this is the way they have found.

    Do what so ever they will not change the new rates as they have already informed that due to code of conduct the electricity board did not announce and after the results they took time to overcome the deficit of free 200 units free supply to the household

  2. Govt should work on regularizing fares rather than freebies. And if they so wish to distribute freebies it should come as sponsorship from their end or they political party and not from the tax payers pocket.


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