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Shiv Sena Rikshaw sena to charge auto fare as per meter

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This is something very good which is happening for the first time in the city of Belagavi, the Shiv Sena Rikshaw sena an affiliate of the Shiv Sena party has now decided that all its members will charge Auto fare as per meter only.

Yesterday after the meeting the Shiv Sena Rikshaw sena pasted special stickers of Shiv Sena so that it will be easy for the citizens to identify them.


shivsens-autosShiv Sena District head Shirolkar said that, auto fares are exorbitantly charged and hence this is our way to support the common man and the district administration in its efforts of implementing the Auto Fares as per meter.

The police has also welcomed this step and also asked other associations to follow this example.

About 200 autos are part of the Shiv Sena Rikshaw sena.

16 thoughts on “Shiv Sena Rikshaw sena to charge auto fare as per meter”

  1. A welcome and a great move to start with. Even people will be happy and people will praise them. Very good start and hope they continue.

  2. Very good step, just look for the sticker and take the auto as per meter fare, really happy to hear this. In rainy season autos are must.

  3. Positive Development. What district administration couldn’t do, these people have done it. Best wishes to these customer friendly auto drivers

  4. Only a common man can bring a difference in the life of a common man.

    Everything will conspire at your feet if you be faithful to your work.

    All the Best!

  5.’s a great move. Now it’s time for people also to say ‘keep the change Frnd ‘ or give tips willingly.

  6. indeed good move. Please share contact numbers of auto drivers, So people can contact you when they need Auto for travel.

  7. Thank you to all members of this group. Please let us know about this AutoStand so that when ever we go there we can hire a auto.

    And request all other auto drives to follow this step. Specially near CBT Auto Stand, Railway station, Ramdev.


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